Va'era - Holding on to the Promises

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our parashah begins with God telling Moshe, “Ani Hashem” (6:2). Isn’t this obvious? Hasn’t He already revealed this to Moshe at the burning bush? Why does He tell Moshe this obvious fact here, at the beginning of our portion? Why does He repeat this phrase 16 more times throughout the book of Shemot? Why does He emphasize this fact by using this phrase 49 times in the book of Vayikra, 5 times in the book of Bamidbar, and 2 more times in the book of Devarim? Does Moshe not remember who this Deity is? Does he forget easily and need constant reminding? Why does Hashem emphasize this statement over and over throughout the Torah, and specifically punctuate many of the commandments with its repetition? If we put on our Sherlock caps and do a bit of detective work we will find the answer to our question. And the answer to this question will bolder our faith in a God who is faithful in all aspects.