Book Review of The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple

Morning Meditations site thumbnailJames Pyles over at Morning Meditations recently reviewed my book, The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple. His review is very positive and extremely thorough. He gives an overview of each of the responsibilities I cover in my book, along with his own personal thoughts. Throughout the review, he commends the work, seeing the need for a publication such as this. As a brief overview, he begins by saying,

Both the “look and feel” and quality of content are high and represent a professional job of writing and publishing. I’ll cut to the chase and say right now that I’d recommend this book for anyone who is really interested in what being a disciple of the Jewish Messiah is like as a lived experience.

He also comments, 

Darren makes a good point when he calls a disciple a “lifestudent,” but that only helps the reader realize how challenging being a true disciple of Christ is. Discipleship isn’t a six, twelve, or eighteen-week program you run a new member of your church through and at the end, they are a “full-fledged Christian.” Discipleship takes a lifetime of continual studying and mentoring.

As a wrap-up, he concludes,

Darren Huckey’s book will give you a starting point. It’s well written and well researched, and I think it’s a valuable resource for people who want to become and/or to raise up serious and correctly oriented disciples of our Master…

If you've been wondering about exactly what is being covered within this resource and if it would be an asset in your library, be sure to check out the full review by James on his website.