Sharing Discipleship with the South

This is the first opportunity I've had to share an update on our recent trip across the Southeast where we stopped in to several places and shared the message of biblical discipleship. We spoke in Pearl, MS, Smyrna, GA, Macon, GA and Washington, GA. We had originally planned to speak in Pensacola, FL as well, but there was a scheduling conflict at the last minute and we were forced to enjoy the beauty of the beach for a couple of days instead. My children took full advantage of the situation.

During our time away speaking to these various groups of people, we found one thing in common in every place: People were hungry for the message of discipleship. Every where we went, the same comments came back time after time: "This is wonderful! This is so foundational and practical! Why don't we know these things???" From a small Baptist church to a mid-size Messianic congregation and everywhere in between, we were encouraged by the overwhelming reception of our message of discipleship. After one of the seminars, a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and said,

"I just finished taking a 24-week course on discipleship and I learned more in the last two hours than I did the entire 24 weeks of my classes.

We were extremely encouraged to hear that our message was on target and timely. Here's a recent testimony I received via email which represents the sentiments of the many we spoke to in our travels.

"First, I want to thank you for your ministry. I was asked to lead a 'Vision Team' for the congregation I attend in regards to Discipleship and come up with a couple goals for the congregation in this regard. As I began to research what biblical discipleship is I came across your site… I listened to your teaching on the Four Responsibilities of a Disciple and quickly shared this w/ the others on my team. In short, it opened all of our eyes. It has made a lasting impact. At the end of our group when we compiled the goals we asked 'So what are WE going to do now?'. Quickly we realized that the 6 of us didn't want to wait for the congregation to implement anything, but we were going to move forward and form a group to study this area so that we can become more like our Master."

We also were able to travel with the first printing of my new booklet, The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple. I recently gave a copy of it to a pastor of a Baptist church in my area to give him an idea of what we were doing. His comments were also in line with what I have heard previously from others who have either heard my teaching or read my booklet. He said,

"I'm absolutely loving the book… We share a common vision for discipleship. I've made it my life's passion and I'm trying to build a church on that concept. The church is the front door to discipleship but as you say in your book the church looks at it simply as a conversion opportunity. We have created generations of shallow Christians who don't multiply the faith because they don't know how."

It's our goal to help raise up a new generation of radical disciples for our Master. But it begins with you and me. Will you help us share this message and start a wave of personal discipleship that will impact this world? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive our monthly teachings, access to additional audio teachings and more. And if you are moved to do so, please consider becoming a monthly partner through your financial support which will help us take this message to those who will hear it. And always, please keep us in your prayers that we may hear the voice of the Holy One and follow it wholeheartedly. May you be richly blessed as you pursue His Kingship in your life.