The Pain of Growth

Yesterday, rather than going to my normal gym, I went with a friend to his gym and exercised with him on his exercise routine. Today, I am reaping what I have sown: pain, tenderness, soreness, stiffness, and wonderful feelings of growth, strength, and accomplishment.

For years and years I avoided the gym, simply because the thought of it was just too painful. Why would anyone in their right mind take time out of their busy schedule to put themselves through hell and back day after day? Just thinking about exercising nearly made me reach for the ibuprofen and an ice pack.

One of the side effects of Western culture in a post-modern society is that we don’t have a concept of anything beyond the current moment. Why should I take an hour or more to prepare a healthy meal when I can drive through McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A and eat it now? Why set back a portion of my income each week for the future, when I could use that money now? Why invest in a skill that takes years to develop, when I can settle for a decent-paying job now (that will probably lay me off in a year)?

Many times we choose to forego the investment into tomorrow to satisfy the demands of today. We rob Peter to pay Paul and continue to slide away from a life of fulfillment and stability into a constant scouring for how we can be fulfilled in our current moment. Or how we can be entertained when we are unsatisfied with the choices we have made that have lead us to this point.

Yes, growth is painful. But there is a reward, a beauty, and a sense of confidence that come as a result of the pain of growth. Sure, we can avoid pain, but only at the expense of atrophy. Growth, however, brings with it a cost. And if you’re willing to pay that cost, little by little, then you will grow and become something better, stronger, and more confident than what you were yesterday, a week, or a year from today.

Emet HaTorah is experiencing growth pains. We have a steadily increasing number of inmates that we are sending resources to free of charge, we are publishing more materials, and investing more and more time into everything that we do so that we can equip people like you with the tools they need to further the Kingdom. 

We are thankful for our small, but faithful team of financial supporters. However, we need more people who believe in the vision of Emet HaTorah to connect disciples of Yeshua with the eternal Torah of God, and who want to see us undergird their understanding and connection to the Torah through the production of resources created specifically with this in mind. We need many more disciples of Yeshua who will come alongside us and be willing to invest financially today into the Kingdom of tomorrow.

Yes, growth is painful. But it can also be rewarding as we work together and touch the lives of countless thousands for the Kingdom. Will you help us get through these growth pains by becoming part of our support team? We look forward to working with you to help change the world for our Master, Yeshua.

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